11/11 1918

11/11 – 1918 is a game about a French soldier’s physical and mental struggle during the final hours of world war 1. For four weeks me and Gabriel Hector worked on this game together. I was in charge of the programming and feature implementation, and Gabriel was responsible for artwork, music, sound and level design.

The game is very much an homage to the old Legend of Zelda games. We tried to move the focus from puzzles and action to the story – focusing on the horrors of war – without forcing players to play in any specific way.

The game was built in Unity 2018, and coded in C# in Visual Studio. At the start of this project I had zero experience in any sort of programming, and I had to learn the basics from scratch. Feature-wise the game was a classic Zelda-like, with animated sword attacks, breakable items, melee enemies with basic AI, top down sprites and animations, scene transitions, sound/music and cutscenes.

All in all the game took one month to finalize, and was exhibited at the restaurant Grand in Malmö, where over 40 people played and enjoyed it.

This code snippet is from the player movement script of 11/11 – 1918 (You can click the image to make it bigger!). You can tell I was new to coding when I wrote this due in part to the formatting, if I were to rewrite this today I’d change a lot of it. Most certainly factor out more of the update method into its own methods.

If you wish to view more of the code from 11/11 – 1918, you can check out the Github Repository for the game here.