Mars Assault is an arcade style space rail shooter, inspired by games such as Star Fox and Panzer Dragoon. I worked entirely on my own for this game, and as such I used some assets that I myself did not produce. Such as the player- and enemy ships, sound effects and the materials for the terrain. This left me to focus on coding and programming structure, game design, level design and technical artistry in the shape of particle effects and light/shadow settings for the levels.

Mars Assault contains basic rail shooter mechanics such as shooting, dodging enemies/terrain and scenic flybys. I am personally the most happy with the tweaked dodge/roll-mechanics, and how I managed to use C# coding to make the 3D player ship turn in a satisfying manner when the player is moving the ship in different directions, while still remaining tethered to the camera.

This code snippet is from the player movement script of Mars Assault (You can click the image to make it bigger!). Compared to the movement script from 11/11 – 1918 this is a different beast altogether, since the main movement through the game is via the ship being tethered to the main camera of the game, the movement is basically moving the 3D player ship within the rails so to speak, to create the illusion of pitch, yaw and rolling.

If you wish to view more of the code from Mars Assault, you can check out the Github Repository for the game here.