Tower Rush is a simple 3D Tower Defence game, in which the player only has access to three towers at a time and as such needs to decide when and where to place those towers for maximum effectiveness. The voxel style assets where bought from the Unity Asset Store and the sound and music was obtained from various free sound source sites found online.

With art and sound assets taken care of, I could focus on building the particle effects, game/level design and pathfinding based on Breadth First Search algorithms, helping the enemy find the quickest path to the players castle, while the player uses their towers to try to defend themselves.

This code snippet is from the pathfinding script of Tower Rush (You can click the image to make it bigger!). This script was part of a way of trying to create enemy movement without using Unity’s built in navmesh system. This is one of the later scripts I’ve written and you can tell because my method’s are slowly becoming more and more self commented.

If you wish to view more of the code from Tower Rush, you can check out the Github Repository for the game here.